Crash of Pilatus PC-12 N950KA - Alternative accident theory

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On June 7, 2012, about 1235 eastern daylight time, a Pilatus PC-12/47, N950KA, registered to and operated by Roadside Ventures, LLC, departed controlled flight followed by subsequent in-flight breakup near Lake Wales, Florida. In its final report, the NTSB said the pilot's lack of experience was evidenced by the fact that he began testing the autopilot rather than rolling wings level after the airplane departed controlled flight. As a result, investigators determined the probable cause of the accident to be: "The failure of the pilot to maintain control of the airplane while climbing to cruise altitude in instrument meteorological conditions (IMC) following disconnect of the autopilot. I do not believe the narrative explaining this crash, attached is information on the crash and the "smoking gun"....... can you join the dots?


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