Stephen Sharer

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Stephen Sharer is one of the fastest growing social media personalities. With a loyal fan base of over 7 million YouTube subscribers and nearly 3 billion channel views, Stephen's rapid success has skyrocketed him to becoming a top 100 channel in America. His success has attracted a growing base of engaged social media followers across all platforms. Stephen has also found success as a recording artist with a variety of hit songs such as Snow Day, Jump In!, and his debut track, Share the Love, which has reached over 100 million views on YouTube. Stephen is a leader in providing family friendly content with a positive message to “Stay Awesome” and “Share the Love."

"I been to cities that never close down. From New York to Rio and Old London Town. But no matter how far or how wide I roam. I still call Australia home. I'm always travelling I love being free And so I keep leaving the sun and the sea But my heart lies waiting over the foam I still call Australia home All the sons and daughters Spinning around the world Away from their family and friends But as the world gets older and colder Its good to know where your journey ends Someday we'll all be together once more When all of the ships come back to the shore I realise something I've always known I still call Australia home"